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In 1912 East Side Baptist Church began the journey of reaching people for Christ. Almost 108 years later the church continues to focus on ministry both locally and around the world. God has touched thousands of lives through the love and service of many people over the years.

Now our church is embarking on our newest ministry journey. God has blessed us again with the resources and ability to expand his kingdom on Highway 49. There is no doubt that this new location will provide opportunities we cannot begin to imagine possible over the next 100 years. We give all the glory to God as we take this step of faith to to obey His call to ministry.

As the project to relocate to a Highway 49 campus gets underway, the intent of our committee is to share as much information as possible with our ESBC members. We will do so through regular meetings and updates both from the pulpit and through our Connect groups. We will also regularly publish a newsletter to share updates and activity of our committees. Those newsletters click on the TJC Newsletter page.

Steering Committee:

This committee will be responsible to the church to accomplish the entire task that is approved in the motion: Build a facility on the 49 property, Relocate our entire campus, Leave a sustained ministry presence on the east side of Paragould.  This committee will also chair the four sub committees and bring items to the church for approval as needed.  For instance, all allocation of funds must be approved by the church body.

Raney Nutt, Chairman 870-926-0260
Bryant Marshall 870-974-0331
Gordon Miller 870-926-2471
Bob Wells 870-239-2438
Tony Fulton 870-240-3714

The sub committees will report to the Steering Committee.  These sub committees are as follows:     

     Stewardship:  This sub-committee would be responsible for the overall giving and fundraising for the building and relocation project.  They will promote regular stewardship (tithing) and plan for fundraising above our regular tithes and offerings to pay for the construction and relocation both immediate and long-term. 

Bryant Marshall, Chairman - 870-974-0331
Sherry Acuff
Butch Cooper
Tony Forehand
Larry Singleton
Larisa Wallace
     Finance:  This sub-committee would be responsible for determining the values of the existing campus and negotiating the sale and bringing the proposal to the Steering Committee for approval and then for church approval.  They would also be responsible for determining what we can afford to build and arranging any financing required for the short or long-term need. 

Gordon Miller, Chairman - 870-926-2471
Jackie Fulton
Mary Hester
Bob Hodge
Staci Williams
Kelly Wright

     Construction:  This sub-committee would be responsible for selecting the architect and contractors to carry out the project.  They would help develop the overall plan to present to the Steering Committee and then to the church.  They would work hand in hand with Finance, Stewardship, and Transition to make sure every i is dotted and every t crossed to make sure we are living within our means and meeting the needs of our congregation now and for decades to come.  This committee would also oversee the construction and help keep it on target for both time and expense.

Bob Wells, Chairman - 870-239-2438
Kayci Blake
Tommy Bowers
Donna Hicks
Tommy Justus
Sue McGowan
Gary D Wise

     Transition:  This sub-committee would work with the staff and church leadership to plan our transition from the current campus to the new campus.  They would work with the staff to determine what looks like and how it would be done.  Again, all of these decisions would report through the Steering Committee.  They would also work to plan the "sustained ministry presence on the east side of Paragould" and determine what that looks like for both the short and longer term. 

Tony Fulton, Chairman - 870-240-3714
Jason Branch
Brent Johnson
Michael Parsons
Mark Miller
Tim Dowler
Kim Hunt  

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